Amit Cohen - Patent Attorney

Amit Cohen is a specialist Israeli Patent Attorney experienced in different aspects of Intellectual Property. Amits profession covers the fields of medical devices, software and computer-related technology, including communication, information security, Internet, databases, multi-media, hardware and integrated systems. 


Amit gained her experience as a Patent Attorney while working at Reinhold Cohn from 2001 till 2009. She studied biology and computer science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and speaks and writes fluent Hebrew and English.  


Amit Cohen has vast experience in software development in the area of communications and distributed systems: Before turning to intellectual property, she has worked at different large, medium sized and small start-up companies, taking different technology-development roles, where she acquired her pragmatic approach which is reflected today in her IP point of view.


In addition, Amit also studied art history and professional photography.


Amit Cohen is a member of the Association of Israel Patent Attorneys.