Amit Cohen – Patent Attorneys

About us:


“Amit Cohen – Patent Attorneys” is a boutique firm, specializing in:


  • Protecting Intellectual Properties.
  • Strategic consultation concerning Intellectual Properties (IP).


Our fields of expertise include patents, trademarks and designs. Our practice is dealing with drafting and prosecuting patent applications in different fields, as well as with design and trademark applications in Israel and worldwide. Amongst our services, we offer our customers assistance with their Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio management and consultation with searching, gathering and analyzing information relating to IP.


In addition, we offer our clients business consulting service, which are intended to assist and support the development and maintenance of the Intellectual Property portfolio. The consultation is focused and aimed at targets and objectives that include: optimization of the portfolio components, tactics and strategies for delaying competitors, protection of technological knowledge and preventing  IP theft and fraud, all this while providing our customers the maximum attention and consideration to their budget.



Cooperation and connections worldwide:


Our international relationships enable us to operate worldwide, while tightly cooperating with associates in different places. This, in order to protect the Intellectual Property of our clients everywhere around the globe and to offer them a combination of personal attention with the highest standards possible.